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Our company follows the following steps, for the excellent execution of each project:

• Construction assessment by the team of engineers.

• Preparation of static study or processing of the client’s study.

• Capture of the project site and preparation of an implementation study.

• Analysis of plans for industrialization and installation.

• Transportation of raw material to the production plant, processing of steel in the final form of the study.

• Painting of the final product.

• Installation and site preparation.

• Transportation of final product at the construction site.

• Building – installation of metal structures or machinery

• Top/ side coverings – gutters, etc. (for building installations)

• Project delivery.

TOUMPANIARIS TECHNICAL TRADE LTD has many years of experience in the field of consulting and actively participates in the provision of technical and development services and specialized technical studies in all sectors of metal and industrial construction.

The company has the know-how, experience and equipment to undertake any task with promptness of time and reliability using specialized software for analysis and design of metal structures.

The company’s engineers meticulously check the risks and critical details that make up a responsible project supervisor. The goal is to ensure quality and perfection status of the constructions delivered to the customer.

The company has a modern steel processing plant, with all the required mechanical equipment.

The raw material of the steel that is subjected to processing is:  Beams (HEA, HEB, IPE, IPN, UPN, L, T), Hollow beams (SHS, RHS, CHS), Blades, Sheets.

Types of metals processed:

Steel S235, S275, S355

Anti-friction steel HB400, HB450

Stainless steel 304

The company has at its disposal a large number of lifting machinery, which are inspected at regular intervals and certified by Approved Inspection Qualification Institutions for their proper and safe operation.

Indicatively, the company operates: forklifts, lifting work platforms, cranes on trucks and tractors/ trailer etc.

Additionally, P. TOUMPANIARIS LTD undertakes operations and handling of workloads performed at height. The company possess all the approved by law licenses to execute and deliver such demanding projects with high level of professionalism and responsibility.

The experienced and properly trained personnel, is certified by the competent bodies and with the strictest specifications, performs the required height tasks with safety and accuracy.

The continuous company growth and the increased demand for road transportation services, lead to the establishment of a new business unit, DANAOS TRANSPORT IKE, in 2020, which serves the increased needs of P. TOUMPANIARIS LTD as well as a variety of national road transport, providing its services consistently and reliably.

DANAOS TRANSPORT IKE, operates  in Megara Attica, owns experienced professional drivers, modern and safe parking spaces and new technology vehicles.

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